2 Voice

2 wires everywhere, advantages any way you look at it.

2Voice is the two-wire video-doorphone system with the highest performance in the category: intercom, exchange, integrated CCTV, staircase light control and additional services with no additional wiring.

Two non-polarised wires throughout for quick and easy installation. Ideal for villas and large residential complexes alike: 4 main entrances, 32 risers, 128 users per riser column for a total of 4096 users. Free intercom function with four monitors in parallel, integral video surveillance, second entrance management.

The 2Voice system offers many advantages for installer and user and plenty of functions. Find our the range of indoor and outdoor stations offering refined design and smart ergonomics.

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System features:

2 wires anywhere. 128 users per riser. 2 outdoor stations per riser. 32 risers. 4.096 users. 4 main common entries. Up to 1.000-metre distance between outdoor and indoor station. 200-metre distance between power unit and indoor station. 2.400-metre extension in the common section. 800-metre extension at each riser. 4 parallel connected indoor stations (monitors and/or doorphones). Security cameras per outdoor station. 2 entries managed from a single outdoor station. No need to replace cables in renovations.